Friday, July 25, 2008

Monthly download limits, exemptions from them, and Net Neutrality

Like most ADSL users in Australia, my connection has a monthly download limit. Exceed it, and my connection speed is then throttled down to only slightly faster than dial-up for the remainder of that billing period. Not something I want to happen in a hurry.

So I should be chuffed that my ISP has decided that downloads from iTunes are what my ISP calls "freezone" - they don't count towards my monthly download quota. Likewise, the ABC's new iView service is freezone. In fact, the ABC is specifically lobbying Australian ISPs to exempt their new digital baby from download quotas. My ISP is apparently the first to do it: "...the broadcaster was trying to convince internet providers to exclude ABC channels from download limits and by last night iiNet had agreed."

I should be pleased. But I can't help wondering what the implications of exempting some web services, but not others, from monthly download limits will be on the principle of Net Neutrality...


Andrew said...

We need to keep the internet open!
I am part of a new campaign to switch to the first Telecom to take the Net Neutrality Pledge. It is a new type of campaign because people can join the campaign without switching but once the first Telecom takes the Pledge (as long as they provide service in your area) then all the members will switch. If you're interested check it out here:

Thanks and let’s spread the word about keeping an open internet.

Andrew said...

Sorry here is the link:

Zhasper said...

It's a pity that someone promoting missed the point. That there is an American bit of propganda, and this here blog is Australian.

Thanks for spamming though, hope you're back with more irrelevant drivel tomorrow!