Friday, July 04, 2008

Who asked for the WYD laws? And are they really about "protecting merchandising revenue"?

There seems to be some confusion in the Australian media about it. WYD organisers 'didn't ask for rules' is the headline in the Age, although the article quotes Premier Iemma as saying that the laws "were brought in following consultation with the church and advice from the World Youth Day authority". A headline in The Australian points the finger at the Catholic Church: Church's power request.
The Australian understands the Government acted after a meeting of the Local Organising Committee of the Catholic Church on May 23. The committee, chaired by Cardinal George Pell, was concerned not only with quarantining protesters but also with protecting revenues from merchandise sales and advertising.

Protecting merchandising revenue? Really teaching us what's important to the Christian faith there, Cardinal.

So who actually wanted the laws brought in?


Zhasper said...

I was walking through Hyde Park this morning and notice a veritably bevy of generic white tarp pavilions.

The largest, the only one that has anything visible except white, the only one with colour or signage, the only one verifiably WYD-related, the one in the prime spot directly opposite the cathedral... was the merch tent.

Z said...

This whole thing is bloody ridiculous.