Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WYD: can now "annoy" but cannot "inconvenience"

Glad I didn't get round to buying the t-shirt now, since it seems it won't be necessary. Amber Pike and Rachel Evans of the NoToPope coalition have successfully overturned the "annoyance" part of the WYD regulations in court: Court backs WYD activists' right to annoy.

Premier Iemma's spin in the linked article is entertaining: he's emphasising the fact that the regulations' prohibition on "inconveniencing" was upheld, and trying to make out that this means his government still got everything it wanted:
Premier Morris Iemma says the Government will not be appealing against the court's decision. He says police still have adequate powers.

"Two words have been struck out - the words 'and annoyance'," he said.

"'Inconvenience' is still there and they can still achieve the same objective, and that is to ensure that people who do want to make a point in a protest can do so without disrupting the pilgrims or the events.

Did Mr Iemma just admit that his government's attempt to crack down on "annoying" behaviour during World youth Day wasn't actually necessary for the maintenance of order? Then why did your government try and crack down on it, mate?

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